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My weight in 1960 was really unbearable. I had touched 220 lbs. I would get out of breath walking uphill to my residence on Peddar Road. I was also suffering from bronchial asthma, which added to the trouble and made matters worse.

Then I decided to reduce weight and my then teacher, late. Dr.Murzban Motashaw, guided me properly. When I succeeded and reduced my weight, and maintained it for four years, I opened an obesity clinic in 1964. This was perhaps the first obesity clinic in India.

Committee 2009 – 2011
President : Dr.Shashank Joshi
Vice President : Dr.Pallavi Patankar
Hon Secretary : Dr.Janaki Srinath
Joint Hon Secretary : Dr.Jagmeet Madan
Dr.Vandana Bambawala : Treasurer
Treasure : Dr.Deepak Jumani
Imme Past President : Dr.Ramen Goel
Executive Members
Dr.Naunihal Singh
Mrs.Niranjana Shah
Dr.Madhu Goel
Dr.Banshi Saboo
Dr.Manish Agarwal
Dr.Naval Vikram
Dr.Brig Makkar
Co Opted Members
Dr.V Mohan
Dr.Anoop Mishra
Dr.U Jagdish Chandra
Editor Indian Journal of Obesity
Dr.Nikhil Dhurandhar
Chapter Vice Presidents
Andhra Pradesh : Dr.Sudhakar Rao
Gujarat : Dr.Mahendra Narwaria
Karnataka : Dr.Mohan Budgundi
Delhi : Dr.Naval Vikram
Tamil Nadu : Dr.Venkatesh
Committee 2007 – 2009
President : Dr.Ramen Goel
Vice President : Dr.Rajesh Parekh
Hon Secretary : Dr.Janaki Srinath
Hon Joint Secretary : Ms.Aarti Batavia
Treasurer : Dr.Rajul Meswani
Imme Past President : Dr.Rama Vaidya
Executive Members
Dr.H B Chandalia
Dr.Ashish Contractor
Dr.Niranjana Shah
Dr.Jagmeet Madan
Dr.D Rajyshree
Co Opted Members
Dr.Pallavi Patankar
Dr.Swati Bhave
Vice Presidents
Andhra Pradesh : Dr.U Jagdish Chandra
Karnataka : Dr.Mohan Budgundi
Gujarat : Dr.Mahendra Narwaria
Editor - India Journal of Obesity
Dr.Shashank Joshi
Obesity News Letter
Dr.M G Bhat
President : Dr.Rama Vaidya
Vice President : Dr.Pallavi Patankar
Secretary : Dr.Ramen Goel
Joint Secretary : Ms.Aarti Batavia
Treasure : Dr.Rajesh Parekh
Members : Dr.Shashank R.Joshi
Dr.Shirhari Dhorepatil
Dr.Rajul Meswani
Mrs.Gauri Durve

Editor : Dr.Shashank R.Joshi
Dr. Vinod Dhurandar
Vice Presidents

Dr. Rama Vaidya
Dr. Milind Shejwal

Secretary : Dr. Pallavi Patankar
Joint Secretary

: Dr.Rajul Mesvani

: Dr.Surekha B. Dhurandhar
Members : Dr.Rajesh Parekh
Dr.Asmita N.Shah
Ms.Aarti Batavia
Dr.Ramen Goel
Dr.Meena Shringi
Dr.Chhaya Badkamkar
Dr.Mahesh Mandot

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