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Dear Members,
Obesity and related lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments dyslipidemia and joint related problems are not on the high rise but have already escalated in alarming proportions, leading to poor quality of life physically and mentally.
India is already facing the burden of communicable diseases and now we are further
burdened with non – communicable diseases which is taking a heavy toll on the economy of the country.

AI AARO now a large multi disciplinary body with common aims , objectives and emphasis on, as , to how we can evolve new strategies and modalities to bring life style modification in the right direction to handle this big task of Obesity .

One of the aims of AI AARO is to avoid quackery. The news papers, magazines are flooded with advertisements of weight loss , fat loss, slim clinics which can mislead the common man.
Evidence based medical practice, obesity camps, lectures should be encouraged and promoted to bring about awareness not only in urban areas but in rural areas too, were masses are not aware of the serious complications related to obesity. In such a scenario AI AARO by holding National and International Conferences serves as a best forum to exchange ideas , experiences and foster new avenues of research.

Affiliated to IASO - International Association for the Studies of Obesity which is a body that has 52 countries as members across the globe again is a huge platform where members can participate , share their views , experiences and interact with fellow members and meet experts .

Apart from achievements like international affliation and holding international conferences AOCO ( Asia Oceania Confernce of Obesity) in 2009, 5 Chapters of AI AARO ,National Governing Body we yet need to do a lot in the field of research and management of Obesity. Modern technologies, ancient insights and innovative ideas together can be a great tool to over come this Battle of the Buldge. Lets collectively strengthen the organization for a good cause.

Your views and suggestions in respect to obesity related activities and endorsement of AIAARO contact Dr. Banshi Saboo – Hon Sec at banshisaboo@hotmail.com

Looking forward for your support ,co operation and active participation for development of the organization.

Thanking you

Dr Pallavi Patankar

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